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Banner Exchange
"Hits come easy"
Free Publicity for your Web Site !  nl<%=GetAdminPagesBannerCode()%>

Welcome to BelVertising Banner Exchange! Making a beautiful site is one thing, getting visitors is another! 

Belvertising will help you FREE, no costs involved, to make your site known on the internet. We will promote your site on our Banner Network free of charge. So, while you are resting from the hard work of making a beautiful site, our system will continuously promote your site on the internet. Hits will come easy!  

Here is how it works: 500 Banners FREE Are you a member? : Login!
The system Advantages How ?
Submitting is not enough!:

You put a banner on your site. Each time that page is viewed by a visitor our system counts the hit.

In the meanwhile, you also give us your banner which we display on other participant's sites. For every 10 hits you have on your pages we will display your banner 6 times on other sites. The 4 others are used to promote the system so we all get better from it. Together strong!

You can follow your own results in our statistics.

Good Luck!

Solution: Presence on the Net!
  • Free publicity on all kind of sites, even big ones!
  • You get 500 displays as starting capital FREE!
  • Targeted publicity: you can define on which category of sites you want to promote your site
  • You get detailed stats about the results of your campaigns. So it is easy to change banners or targets!
  • Your banner rotates constantly on the different categories of sites chosen by yourself
  • And much more....
Easy! Follow the next steps:
  1. If you are new, first add your site and banner
  2. On the left you find a menu. Click on banners and then "add new banner"
  3. Click "generate html". This will create the code which you put on your page.

That's All!

From now on your site banner will be viewed on other participants sites all the time and for as much as you have hit-credits.

Demo of banner: